DreamSky Pro LWP v1.12a APK

DreamSky Pro Live Wallpaper

DreamSky is a dynamic live wallpaper representing the current weather in unprecedented form to you.

This app simulates a complete cycle of day with day/night phases and their change in a unique play of colours in addition to the current weather. In clear, there is also a complete solar cycle based on sunrise and sunset at your location.

We offer the opportunity to test a free, limited version of this live weather wallpaper, which gives you a glimpse of the scope before buying: DreamSky Live Wallpaper.

App features:
  • Live Weather Wallpaper.
  • True day / night cycles including the sun
  • 5 day weather forecast.
  • Unique coloured sky effects.
  • Weather representation at various levels including fog, rain and snow.
  • Dependent number of clouds based on weather data.
  • Real 3D theme with seasons.
  • Weathereditor: Create your own basicweather or use it as preview.
  • Editable temperature and clock display.
  • Simulated scrolling can be activated.
  • No advertising.
  • Low battery usage.

DreamSky Pro Apk Terbaru
More Screenshot please visit google play store.

What's new in versions 1.12a?
  1. Fixed a bug which caused a crash when incorrect forecastdata.
  2. More content is coming soon.

System required: Android OS 4.0 up

Download Link DreamSky PRO Live Wallpaper v1.12a APK:

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