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AstroTab PRO
AstroTab PRO Patched - AstroTab is an application of astrology. But not something you can find in the newpaper! Completely customized, it maps the sky at the birth, an essential tool for any real astrologer.

Using sophisticated astronomical calculations, AstroTab calculate independently not only sign your home (where is the sun at your birth) but also the position of the Moon, Ascendant, of all the planets of the solar system. Because your personality is much richer than single sign of the zodiac.

AstroTab PRO is intended for modern astrologers who want to build quickly chart, and anyone wishing to discover this ancient knowledge. As such, we included explanations and a glossary for educational purpose.

This version is an evolution of the basic astrotab, here is the added feature compared to basic astrotab:
  • Lunar nodes mean and exact computation
  • Asteroids (chiron,ceres,etc..).
  • Black moon mean and exact
  • Sidereal ephemeris
  • Planet list customization
  • Housing system customization.


AstroTab PRO ApkAstroTab PRO Terbaru
AstroTab PRO GratisAstroTab PRO Full Version

What's new on v1.4.6:
  1. Time search more accurate
  2. Added zodiac event options
  3. Stability improvement.

System required: Android OS 2.1 up

Download Link AstroTab PRO v1.4.6 full Patched:

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